Gold Discovery Park Association Newsletter Only Membership

Gold Discovery Park Association Newsletter Only Membership

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This listing is for the $10 Newsletter Only GDPA Membership

The Gold Discovery Park Association is proud to be the cooperating association for Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. We are a private, non-profit organization that is funded through donations, grants, fundraisers, merchandise sales, and membership dues!

Annual Membership Options

$10 – Newsletter Only

$20 – Individual Membership

$30 – Family Membership

Your Dues At Work

The GDPA sustains a variety of educational programs for children and adults alike. We also contribute to projects focused on the preservation and restoration of our historic buildings as well as the maintenance of park facilities. In doing so, we support the California Department of Parks and Recreation mission of providing the best visitor experience possible.

Membership Benefits

  • Free Subscription to the print newsletter “The Golden Flakes”

  • The warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing that you are helping preserve history for generations to come!

Your membership fees are 100% tax deductible!