About Us

The Marshall Gold Mercantile is run by the The Gold Discovery Park Association (GDPA). We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the interpretation and conservation of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.

 The Gold Discovery Park Association proudly  works in conjunction with the state park to provide funding for the various projects and programs through income generated from the Marshall Gold Mercantile, fundraising, special events, and donations.

In recent years, all California Parks have been the recipients of drastic budget cuts. Because of this, there are fewer dollars for staff and maintenance, and rarely are there funds for Park improvements or new programming.

The Gold Discovery Park Association’s role is more vital than ever for improving the quality of educational and recreational experiences for visitors to Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. All funds that are raised by the Gold Discovery Park Association stay right here at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. Those funds are then dedicated to running core programs, maintaining historic structures, and continuing to provide positive visitor experiences.

Thank you for your support of Marshall Gold Discovery SHP.